Marvel’s Doctor Strange Reivew

Steven Castellana, Staff Writer

The newest installation in Marvels Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange. It introduced us to a whole new side of the Universe full of magic and mystical spells. Staring the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor himself, Director Scott Derrickson indulges us into the mystical side of the MCU very early into the film. As a kaleidoscopic battle takes place in the streets of London, where The Ancient One is trying to stop Kaecilius the main antagonist of the movie. Throughout the movie Kaecilius is trying merge other Universes with the present Earth. Many life changing events take place for the Doctor throughout the movie, learning that magic is also a way to heal others, not just western culture medicine. As before a life changing car crash destroys his hands forever, he was a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Doctor Strange soon finds The Ancient One who trains him, to become a Sorcerer. Strange is quickly given the choice too defend his Earth or still live his lavish lifestyle.

 Doctor Strange is the 14th installment in Marvels Cinematic Universe, containing the unusual but stunningly beautiful visual effects. The world of Doctor Strange is displayed perfectly, it was ripped straight out of the comic book pages. Having the perfect actor for this role, Cumberbatch portrayed Strange flawlessly as he took us along with him on his magical transformation into a soon to be Sorcer Supreme of our Earth. Doctor Strange takes a similar role to Iron Man/Tony Stark, where is is a rich and well-know man. Who goes through a life-changing accident and is now blessed with the role to defend the Earth.
This hour and 55 minute film, gained an 8/10 by IMDb, 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 72% on Metacritic. I give Doctor Strange a 9/10.