Jefferson to Blake

Leaving my assigned school to come home to Blake.

My very first day of high school was exactly how I expected it to be. I remember everything that happened that day like if it was yesterday. As a freshman entering Jefferson High School, I was so nervous that my body was tense. I had imagined the way that high school was going to be before I even got there and I was right. Entering the school having all the upperclassmen staring at you because you look like a lost child is an embarrassment.

As soon as the bell rang, I immediately rushed in trying to make my way out of traffic in a hall full of crowded students. Trying to peek between students, I was too short to even look over them. I made it to the center of the cafeteria where teachers were giving students their schedule, and as soon as I got mine I quickly walked to my homeroom and made it in time. I was one of the first five people to make it in class and there were still 22 more students missing. It was a fresh start for my first day in high school I suppose.

Days after days, my freshmen year in high school was easy and I enjoyed it, but throughout the school year most of my teachers left the school and it got a little rough for me. Having new teachers that didn’t have a clue about what we were supposed to do and having the whole class act like wild animals was a disaster. I didn’t even have the urge to show up to class anymore. I was excited for a field trip I would be attending because I knew it meant a day out of classes. The field trip was at Blake High School for an AVID Gathering Thanksgiving dinner.

Little did I know I would experience a whole different high school experience that would chance the course of my life. When I stepped in I noticed how big Blake was compared to Jefferson, Blake was twice as big as Jefferson because it had stairs and elevators to get to three different floors and Jefferson only had one floor. Just by looking at the school I knew I would get lost here but luckily, I had a student assistant escort me to the AVID classroom. The teachers and students all welcomed me and I felt comfortable being here already. Being at Blake made me feel like I was at home.

Once I got welcomed and finished eating the Thanksgiving meal the teachers prepared for us, a friend of mine that attended Blake decided he would give me a tour around the school for a bit. As I was walking around getting to know the school he explained to me all the magnet programs and classes they have here at Blake, “There is dance, visual arts, theater performance, journalism, creative writing…” The list seemed to go on. There were many magnet programs that caught my attention but only one really gave me the urge to join. At this moment, I decided I wanted to change schools and attend Blake High School for journalism.

This was a chance for me to leave my traditional school to attend Blake for the journalism magnet program. I was so thrilled to tell my mom all about my experience at Blake and how I wanted to attend there, even though I knew she wouldn’t like the idea of me changing schools. But she did like the idea of me being in a magnet program at Blake. It was a definite yes from her and I immediately applied for journalism and visual arts. 

I also had an interview with Ms. Trecida the journalism teacher at Blake and she explained to me all the fun activities they do and showed me what students in her class have accomplished. As days passed, I received an email to check my status offer of the application I filled in for Blake and I got offered to join the journalism program. This was exciting news for both my mother and I and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. I love writing, and even if I know I’m not the best at writing I know I can improve myself by joining the program that best fits for me. My first year being at Blake is going to be a big difference from my first year being at Jefferson.

It was never my idea to change schools from the beginning but now that I have the opportunity to be here, I will be taking this school year serious and not slack off. Now that I am a major in journalism learning new ways that I can use sources and write stories I’ve become so focused into this program. I plan to stay at Blake and continue to be part of the journalism program. Being at Blake changed my level of confidence and changed the way I feel about school.

My “home” for the next three years.