Reaching people through music

One on one with senior singer, songwriter and chorus major Anthony Vangeldren.


Senior Anthony Vangeldren has been a chorus major at Blake High since his sophomore year. “I changed my major that year and chorus changed my life.” Being in high school wasn’t always perfect for Anthony. His junior year, he said that he had never been in so much drama in his whole life but even with the drama it taught him how to love himself and put his self success before things that will not help him become a better person.

After high school, Anthony will be moving to New York City to live with his grandfather and become more independent. “I want to study business and go to Brooklyn College. It’s an affordable choice.”

Anthony will also still like to follow his hopes and dreams for music. He wants to write R&B to touch peoples souls and he doesn’t want his music to relate to most music we hear everyday.  Anthony tries to target anyone who is going through something in their life and anyone who is willing  to sit down and just listen to the music he took his time to write and sing. Becoming famous isn’t what Anthony wants in his future.  He would prefer something more easy going. “I do not  want to be super famous I  just want to be able to sing and sustain a life,” explained Anthony.

When asked what he wants people to remember him by here at Blake he said he just wants to be remembered by his voice and how his voice makes people feel.

Anthony is just one of many students here at Blake who have talent to show the world.