It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the DC Comics club!

Where the world of DC joins a group of students, they come together to become a family.

A hidden organization lurks in room B233 that is more than meets the eye. This organization happens to be a club here at Blake High, dedicated to the fictional world of DC comics. It may go unnoticed by some but to others, this club is the world. 

The club began all by simple love for the comic universe shared by two brothers, Jalon Printup and Zemberiah Strong.  Jalon is the leader out of the two claiming he’s loved DC since he was young. This love carried with him until high school, leading him to bring other DC lovers together to become a club.  

With 21 people, some comics and a passion, the group meets every Tuesday and Friday where they discuss things all the way from heroes and villains to things like bunnies and stolen cookies. “This group is like one big family,” says club member Sydney May, claiming they are always there for each other, whether it’s about losing a comic book or to losing your A in a class, this group is supportive through thick and thin. This positive aura creates a safe zone for  members who may feel “unwelcome” outside of the club. “I always look forward to the meetings, I can be myself here,” says Sydney. 

Although this club may be a family, arguments are unavoidable here. The members argue about things such as which character could beat who. It gets pretty intense, the argument will start with two people and increase into the whole group!  

“Dr. Fate could beat Superman any day!'” argues the energetic bunch.

Just like arguments, positivity is inevitable in the club. “This is the best place to turn introverts into extroverts,” voices a member. With big goals, positive people, and a fun atmosphere this club is a great place to get motivation and support. 

The club may be small but the hopes for its future are not. Leader Jalon Printup plans on having a fundraiser for the clubs own personal homecoming, for the members who were not able to make it to the school homecoming. Many of the members even discussed their dreams of making it to Comic Con one of these days. The crew are even creating their own scripts to post on YouTube.

With high hopes, a good vibe, and some comics, this group is becoming more than a club…they are a family.