A rocky start

The NBA season debuts with injuries, fines and fights.


The NBA season is just getting started.

Not even half way into the season and things have been pretty uneasy in the NBA. Whether it be unexpected injuries, fights and ejections, and  sometimes even costly fines, the start of the season has been off to a kinda slow start for everyone and many aren’t fulfilling their expectations. Teams like Golden State aren’t ranked in the top five in the league right now, and with all the talent on that team they should be. Cleveland has already switched up their starting five with Dwayne Wade benching himself based of his poor performance. Scuffles between players have already started, with between four teams in one night there was two fights. Boston had a super early subtraction from their team in Gordon Hayward. 

In Boston’s first game of the season against Cleveland, Gordon Hayward experienced a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia. He willingly went into surgery immediately the following day. Hayward will be out up until April 7th. Another major injury falls upon the Brooklyn Nets, where starting guard Jeremy Lin suffered a patella tendon rupture. It was only their season opener and Lin is out for the season.

During the Warriors game against the Grizzlies, their were lots of emotions during a very close game. So many emotions that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were both ejected from the game shortly before it ended. With the final score of the game being 111-101, the Warriors lost. Curry was first ejected when he threw his mouthpiece in the direction of a referee; this came after he drove inside for a layup and no foul was called. Stephen lost his cool and threw his mouth piece, in the post game conference he defended himself by saying, ” I didn’t throw my mouth piece at the ref. I got better aim than that. I threw it out of frustration.” Following Stephs ejection, Durant had some choice words for the refs about their decision. In which he then got ejected for his choice words to the referees. As the teammates waked off the court to their locker room, Memphis’ crowd booed them, and Kevin made sure they knew who had the championship ring. 

Another game involving the Memphis Grizzlies was versus the Houston Rockets. In the final minutes of the game with it tied at 88, and a referee standing a couple feet away, James Harden and Mario Chalmers got into a scuffle. Here’s the breakdown:  Harden threw his shoulder into Chalmers on a moving screen where Mario landed on the ground. Chalmers intentionally tried to trip Harden with a scissor kick, and then Harden pushed Mario back to the ground, then threw up his set. Harden was eventually charged with a offensive foul.

The 2017-2018 NBA season continues, but with that also comes more chances for fines. During the season opener for the New Orleans, a couple fans sitting behind the scorekeepers table incited DeMarcus Cousins into fire comments back at the fans. He was fined $25,000 for “Inappropriate Language” directed at the same fans behind the scorekeepers table. This happened during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, in which the Pelicans lost to the Grizzlies 103-919. While visiting the L.A. Clippers, Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson was fined $35,000 because he made a menacing gesture and directing inappropriate language while on the court, directed at a fan. It occurred during the 4th quarter with 6:10 remaining on the clock, the Suns went on to lose that game 130-88.

This season seems to be like its gonna be a wild one, full of twists and turns. With unexpected wins and devastating losses, which will certainly be exciting to watch. Stay tuned for more updates of the 2017-2018 NBA season here on The Jacket.