Make this one count

It's the last home game on "Big Jim Williams" football field for seniors.

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Make this one count

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Tonight at 7:30 pm, Blake Varsity football will be playing King High School for their last home game of the season. This will also be their senior night, where each senior player will be announced onto the field escorted by the important people in their life.

Many of these players have been on the team since their freshman year. “To be the best you have to beat the best,” states Ricky Williams #9. Not only is this an emotional game but it’s also a district game. Blake started off the season 3-0 and is 5-3 going into tonight’s game.

“Started off poor with plans to own more,” are Omar Austin’s (#3) words to live by. With only two games left of the season, each player is still putting in all the work they can to much sure they have a good record at the end of the season.

Senior Egan Atkins, #70, told us that, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This season each player showed how bad they wanted to make it to playoffs.

2017 Football seniors:

Eric Best #2                                                      Jah’re Lucas #28         

Omar Austin #3                                              Jonathan Gay #48

Darryl Hill #4                                                  Clarence Sullivan #55

Robert Overton #6                                         Shane Theobald #64

Ricky Williams #9                                          Seth Alderman #66

Patrick Keenan #12                                        Egan Atkins #70

Da’qwan Throw #17                                       Kendick Buie #75

                                      Jamies Waters #77

“You can be okay with being average or you can choose to be great. I chose to be great,” said Clarence Sullivan #55. This could be said to be the motto of the whole Blake team this year. Blake has been great, and everyone needs to come out Friday at 7:30 pm to support them as they play their last home game for the season and, for some, their last home game of high school.


































































































































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