Preseason interviews

Winter sports coaches share their goals for the season.

When it comes to sports, every coach has to have a game plan already set in motion to ensure the success of their team and season. There are 4 sports that start their season in the winter and those sport a

Angel Morales, captain of the wrestling team, is ready to take this team to states.

re basketball, soccer, cheer leading and wrestling.

Wrestling is one of the winter sports. The wrestling team has been active all year around competing in freestyle, folk and greco tournaments. Over the summer seven wrestlers and Coach Reyes went on a road trip to Oklahoma to attend a wrestling camp offered at Oklahoma State University, which happens to be one of the best wrestling schools in the nation. Coach Reyes immediate goal is to win districts and have at least three people go to state. Overall the wrestling team has a pretty solid squad this year and they are ready to take over Hillsborough County in wrestling.

Cheerleading is one of the sports that not only cheer for football and basketball season, but they also have their own competition season. Coach Cowans, the head coach for cheerleading, has very strong goals for the team and their season. The cheerleading team has been practicing year round and they are always trying to be active and have some practices on the weekend at local gyms. For the first year the football cheerleading team had 30 girls on JV and Varsity, so this year they are trying to build their JV and Varsity basketball cheerleaders and making sure that the competition team could win regionals so they can be prepared to go to state this year. All cheerleaders have high hopes for the season.

Soccer is one of the last sports in the season. Coach Bishop, one of the assistants to the head coach, believes that they have a pretty good program and their goals are win some games and have some fun with this season and get better as a group but mainly have fun. Coach says that they focus more on getting better and enjoying themselves while doing it. The soccer team has some returners who have have the potential to play at a college level.