UCF National Champions?

UCF declares themselves the CFP 2017 National Champions.


UCF went 13-0 this season.

On January 1, 2018, University of Central Florida knights football team proclaimed themselves NCAA champions. UCF created banners stating  that they were 2017 NCAA champions after they defeated the Auburn Tigers 34-27 and finished the season 13-0. UCF couldn’t play for the NCAA title because they are not in the power 5 conference. After the game they planned to have a celebration and parade for being one of the only undefeated teams in college football. 

Ken Kueker is the main guy behind the billboards and is a die hard UCF alumni. He went through for the push of the national title and is hoping that the committee will take a hard look at the system that did not include the team in the playoffs. He says,”We wanted to continue to campaign to at least force people to look at the issues. There’s a lot of people outside UCF supportive of it, but also a lot of fans of Power 5 that think it’s kind of ridiculous. This will cause a lot of debate and will take a big support from not only the school itself but from a variety of different schools to be able to accept UCF in the playoffs.” According to ESPN stats and information, UCF is the 10th team in the BCS era (since 1998) to finish the season undefeated and not win the national title.

Athletic Director White has big expectations for the team next year and the years to come.”If you take the long view of the history of college football, there’s an awful lot of national championships being claimed by universities that didn’t accomplish what we accomplished this year in those respective seasons, so we feel we’re more than justified to claim our first national championship, and we think it’ll be the first of many,” White told ESPN. In a way UCF was cheated out competing for the national championship, but hopefully in the near future they will get the opportunity to play for the national championship.