The hypocrisy of the Golden Globes

An industry with years of hidden secrets and offenses attempts to redeem themselves but it's all too late and all too broken.


The 2018 Golden Globes were a place to be. The award show made history by partnering with a sexual assault movement known as Time’s Up. Everyone attending wore black in order to protest the years of sexual assault going on in the industry. The show seems as though they had good intentions but the past says otherwise.

The whole evening itself was dedicated to protesting sexual assault, but why this evening? Why wait until 2018? For years celebrities have been sexually assaulted but no one dared to say anything. In 1992 Director Woody Allen was accused of molesting his seven-year old step-daughter Dylan Farrow. This news went public meaning people everywhere knew, including the Golden Globes. The years following this accusation, Dylan Farrow now had a stain in her life she could not just easily wash away. Woody, however, walked away without a scratch. In later years the Golden Globes would award him with multiple globes including nominations such as best screenplay of a motion picture in 2006 and many more. 

Celebrities from all genres came to together to fight for what’s right but falter when a big paycheck is involved. Out on the carpet dressed in black, vouching for Time’s Up, singer/actor Justin Timberlake openly wore his pin even though just last year he worked with known child molester Woody Allen. Other stars such as Steve Carrell and Emma Stone both worked with Allen in past movies, and attended the Golden Globes this year as well.  

The award show may have had good intentions but it wasn’t enough. Student Taylor Ferrante says “it’s long overdue” when asked about this movement. Sexual assault did not form in 2017. Its been around for years, especially in the industry. Fighting against sexual assault was very popular this year and many supported it. Could it be that the Golden Globes participated for the ratings? The true intent of the Golden Globes may never be known but one thing that is known for sure is this was many years late.