Female empowerment

                 Blake High is doing something a little different this year, BOOK CLUB!!! Mrs.Reid, a guidance counselor, has made this Book Club from her passion in reading books. She states that, “These books we read together can relate to students and students can gain a resemblance of there lives.” This new club was put together by a person whose passion is reading and wants others to enjoy coming together and discuss their thoughts about the book.This club is recommended by a teacher that feels that it could be a good chance for you to get some help and learn some new skills.This club can helps students with academic work by having it as a mentoring group.It’s every Tuesday during 5th period lunch.Since this is a new club we wouldn’t be able to go on field trips and gatherings out side of school this year but next year we will be able to.The YMCA is sponsoring us so we can do more next year for the club.

                     Professor Wells and USF student Shay come in and reads the book  with us.After we read we discuss how we feel about the chapter and we also go over key words that relates to us or words we dig deeper for.Today we gather with a hot nice slice of pizza and oranges while talking about our futures,then read the book. Being a member in the club makes me feel excited because you don’t know whats going to happen next or what activities were going to try next .Some students that aren’t in the club have some input about how they feel about an all girls book club. Solane Stite stated that, “it’s a cool thing,why not.”. Bailey Watson stated that, “it sounds like a great idea for students to empower one another.” .And Carolina Jinened stated that, “it’s a good thing for a group of people,sharing thoughts and emotion could be good for females.” Sounds like people think it’s a good idea.Helping with the program is also guidance counselors Ms.Bishop and Ms.Cummings .

                     There is also a boys book club in the school that is doing the same thing the girls group is doing just with a different book. We are a group that empowers females with knowledge and support.Students should take part in coming to these groups because they can help with a lot of things in life that you can’t do on your own.