Whacky Weather

Northern states are hit with strange and unusual weather for the spring season.

Gary Price via Flickr
Snow covers the trees in the middle of April in Faircrest, Madison, Wisconsin.

With it being the middle of spring, many would think that it would be sunny all over the country. But it seems to be the opposite in America right now. Northern states all across America have been experiencing cold fronts, small snow falls and even blizzards during the spring time.

Winter storm Xanto dropped onto the northern states around April 11th as a strong mid- to upper- level jet stream disturbance. Xanto has dropped a record amount of snow on these states.

In Minneapolis/ St. Paul, 15.8 inches of snow was dropped from April 13-16, making it the 12th heaviest snow fall in the Twin cities.

So far, there have been a total of three reported deaths due to the Xanto. two of which were caused by vehicles losing control on the ice covered roads and another was caused by heart failure while shoveling snow from in front of an apartment complex. Schools have been closed as a result of difficulty in seeing the roads

Homes in Monroe County, Michigan have been evacuated because of flooding in the streets and many homes and businesses remain without power. For about the past few weeks, the state of Wisconsin has been dealing with a massive “spring blizzard”, which is causing roads and power to shut down and has caused roofs to collapse in. April has been filled with some record setting snowfalls for these northern states.

Skylar Primm via Flickr
Snow fall towards the end of March in Door, Wisconsin.

*All information/ facts are from The Weather Channel*