The end is near


The 2018 NBA season is coming to a close.

  With the western conference down to it’s last two teams, the number one seed Houston Rockets and the number two seed Golden State Warriors, a good series is bound to take place. Over in the east conference the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the east’s number one seed Toronto Raptors too easily; a large part of that is because of Lebron James crucial game winning shots, and is ability to carry a team on his back night in and night out. No team seeded fifth or lower is left in the playoffs this year.

  Who Cleveland will be facing is still unclear, in a 3-1 series with the Boston Celtics up over the Philadelphia 76ers one of these teams will have to try and stop Lebron and his playoff ability. No team seeded fifth or lower is left in the playoffs this year. Boston has won the first three games, until Philly stepped up and won game four to save the series, and give themselves another shot. Its going to be tough though as Philly would need to win the remaining three games left, stretching this series to a game seven.

  Many games are still yet to be played and there will be some great moments to come. With the best two teams in the West facing off something legendary is bound to happen. Over in the East, Lebron and the Cavs are ready for any challenge that’s thrown there way. Stay tuned for the outcome.