Security Increase


                 Security at Hillsborough County School has increased at an astonishing rate caused by the school shooting last year that occurred at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. Since the Parkland shooting, a law was  passed by the governor, saying that all schools are required to have at least one officer on every school campus. While most people think this is a good course of action it also has a downside. Blake High School lost one of their officers and friend, Officer Lee due to another school that had him transferred because there was no officer and Blake had two officers. 

It’s not only the school shooting that caused the increase in security, it was also because increase in violence on school campus throughout the nation. Hillsborough County  hopes that students and parents will recognize that the increase of security is done to keep all students and faculty members safe. So far there will be no more increase added into security. Hillsborough County decided to create a team in every school to investigate witnesses and students who pose a threat.

The main office of the security officers that were assigned at Blake.

                All of the security increase that has been occurring isn’t cheap. For the District the security increase cost $10 million dollars to help fund in more officers, guns, bullet proof vests, etc. This security increase act gives 162 million dollars to schools to help them meet the requirements. In the end although the security increase is expensive, you can still go to school while knowing your parents aren’t stressing over your safety.                               


Administration getting rid of kids who pose a threat to the school safety.