Feeling Out The Freshmen: How freshmen are reacting to High School thus far

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Caliph Champion
   Everyone has had that, “First Day Experience.” The ritual of awkwardly entering the campus, looking around, trying to compare what they see at the moment to what is commonly seen in the stereotypical high school movies.  While we all have our own outlook on the, “First Day Experience”, this year is different. With the new Assistant Principal, the new Freshmen are seeing things differently from us. Sure, even though it’s only the 3rd week of school, the freshmen of 2022 are already experiencing a lot and are starting to make new memories they will cherish forever.

   This group of freshmen majors are very talented. Some are just starting to unlock their true potential, while others are polishing their already phenomenal skills. High school may be tough, especially one like Blake,  but some students are making the best of a new situation. “I’ve made plenty of friends”, Maya Best says. Maya goes on to tell about how she is loving Blake way more than she had originally anticipated, seeing how she has met people who have the same interests as her. “Blake makes me happy to go to school, which I haven’t felt in a while.” Maya has excelled ever since coming to Blake, both artistically, and socially. 

  While some are reaping the benefits of Blake, some are finding the quirks that we have all noticed, but never wanted to bring up. Dakota York, a dance major, has decided to give a less bright outlook on Blake. “Well, although I enjoy going to my dance class, the traffic sucks.” Fabio Flores, a traditional student, then went on to add on.  “Well, at least if there is gonna be traffic, the students could be a little nicer.”

     Amer Hasan, a traditional freshmen,  gave a mutual stance on the argument.  “Well,  I like the fact that Blake doesn’t match the norm, the upperclassmen and lowerclassmen have a sort of friendship and they get along great, well, at least I have upperclassmen friend.” While Blake has its ups and downs, the class of 2022 seems to be adjusting well in the new environment that is Blake High. Kelvin Carwell puts it best by ending with “Blake is really fun….but also very wired,  and I love it.”


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