Blake High school’s 2018-2019 Clubs

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Abigail Roach

Mrs. Sivard is the sponsor for the Book club for 2018-2019.

     Blake high school-  Clubs are now in motion for the school year and questions are rising about the experience.  Many people don’t join clubs at school because they don’t know what it’s all about. So, here’s teachers and students response to the clubs so far. 

     Blake offers many clubs and activities for students to enjoy themselves and their peers. I interviewed Fresman Belicia Bostic who is a member of DC club. I asked her “How is the environment in the club? Is it welcoming and inviting?”welcome.” 

     After interviewing her,there was a realization that this is exactly why students should join clubs, and this is exactly how a club should be. 

     Clubs you could join: Key Club, Philosophy club, BHS chess club, Book club, DC comic club, Green/Ayer, AFJROTC, Avid, NHS DA, Orchestra, Piano Club, Writers Ink, ASL, Blake Ambassadors,C-Harvey’s Ceramics & Sculpture Club, Culture Club, Feminist Club, French Club, Musical Club, Guitar Honors, Harp, Homecoming–ASA, Homecoming–ASA DJ, Internation Thespians, Junior Class of 2019, Music Composition, Nat’l Arts Honor Society, Nat’l Youth Alive, Random Acts of Kindness,   History Honors, soccer, spanish Nat’l She replied “Its clean and very welcoming,everyone always smiles.” Then I asked “Do you encourage other students to join your club? Why/why not?” She answered “Yes, the club is for the outcasts to feel Honor Society, Skills USA, student Government, TV/Film, Urban Teaching Academy, and Yearbook, Youth Alive.
Club days are the last Monday of every month.