Broken Hollywood

Mr. Robinson in his hospital bed waiting on results.

This shows Robinson’s full back brace.

Mr. Kenneth Robinson, the culinary instructor at Blake high school, has worked with tons of TV chefs like Paula Deen , Emeril Lagasse, and Bobby Flay. However, 80 hour work weeks are exhausting and leave little time for other things. Hollywood decided he needed a job where he would have way more time to spend with his family. He knew he had to make a change in his life to be there for his son. When Hollywood started his job as a culinary teacher, thanks to Chef Youngs, the culinary teacher at Chamberland High school, it was in the 2010-2011 school year. Blake high is like his second home. However, his son is always going to come first, like any good parent should, Hollywood would do whatever it takes to make sure his son leads a successful, happy life.

His mother and father are divorced so he understands what it’s like to grow up with a father that wasn’t around all the time and he knew that he didn’t want that for his son. He wanted his son to grow up knowing that his father was always going to be there for him, to help with homework, to watch his back, and to just be there for whatever he needs. That’s how a father should be, they shouldn’t judge you or tell you that your not good enough or act like you’re not the person they want you to be. Mr. Robinson will never ever be that type of father and it’s obvious from the way he talks about his son that even though he may make a mistake he is still proud of him every second and it’s clear that there is nothing anyone can do to take that away and that’s the way it should be.

Hollywood has done his best to be everything his son needs in a father and to make sure he is getting what he needs. On Wednesday, Chef Robinson, AKA Hollywood, made a run to the Guitar Center in Tampa to get his son a set of drumsticks for an audition. However, Wednesday weather was rough with rain pouring in from all different directions. As Hollywood got out of his car he was immediately bombarded with crazy rain. Like any normal person, Hollywood darted for the front door but attempted a sudden stop of which he did not stop, he slid through the rain and landed on his back feet up in the air. He was in excruciating pain and still managed to crawl through the doors and ask the man at the counter for some drumsticks for his son’s audition. He was rushed to the hospital where he was told he had broken 3 vertebrae. However, he’s already back on his feet cooking up stuff in the kitchen.