Commencement of the Purge

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     Jason Blum, owner of Blumhouse has has graced us with the wonderful franchise known as The Purge. After the infamous Paranormal Activity series, the Insidious series, Get Out, and Unfriended, Blumhouse has created the highly controversial series known as The Purge.

     The namesake feature of the four movies, is an annual holiday known as The Purge, where all crime is validated, including murder. This lasts for a 12 hour period in order to release all the stress taken in throughout the year, hence the name, The Purge.

     After the final movie of the thrilling series, an origin story of the series itself that gave insight on how the holiday came to be, the franchise seemed ready to come to a conclusion. That is, until Blumhouse created a crossover with USA Network in order to make a 10 episode mini-series dedicated to its  successful counterparts.   

     The first episode typically sets up the classic exposition, yet interestingly introduces not just one, but three perspectives for the audience to follow. The first is a Returned marine, Miguel, who tries to find his sister who was discharged from a mental facility and who chose to join a cult in which she will be undergoing something that has her brother stopping at nothing to find her.     The next perspective changes the socio-economic class up a bit and introduces the audience to Jane, a business owner, who’s stuck working on Commencement night. When the well-known siren chillingly sounds, she makes a suspicious deal with an unknown dealer. While not much is known about what she purchased, we do know that it must have been pretty important for the price she payed.

     The final perspective is of a middle class couple, Hannah Anderson and Colin Woodell who attend a party hosted by the New Founding Fathers of America, where they’ll be sheltered from the horrors of the night. During the party, every member is given a mask of a mass murderer to show their appreciation of the annual event. From what USA has showed us thus far, all three points of view should cross paths. Will Miguel find his sister? What was it that Jane purchased after the commencement? Have Hannah and Colin gotten more than they bargained for?

     While the answers for these questions may be answered in the next installment, one thing is for certain: It is gonna be one hell of a night. 


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