Wrestling Team Preparing for Success

        The the 2018-2019 wrestling team is getting ready for action as they train for upcoming matches. Some Blake students might want to know more about how the team is preparing for success.

        To start-off this investigation I interviewed Blake high school’s wrestling coach, Mr. Reyes, to see what he has to say about his wrestlers. The first question that was asked was ” What does it take to be a wrestler?” He replied “It takes Gritt, dedication,  and willingness to be coachable.” Then the question was asked “What do you expect from your wrestlers this year?” 
After that he stated that most of his wrestlers were Seniors so he definitely expects more.  He went on to say that he wants them  to “step up to the plate” and have “leadership”. 
     Since there are alot of  returning regional qualifiers going to regionals this year students might wonder, how the wrestlers are composing themselves?  So I asked Wrestler Marcus Ellis “What is your workout regimen to prepare for competitions?” He replied “for conditioning we do 5 laps around the football field and a combination of different body workouts”. 

     Then the question was asked what he expects from his teammates and he said “expects to have more people who are willing to perform your best. ” He then  added he wants to have “everyone participate in regionals”.  The last question that was asked was What does he expect from himself? He proclaimed that he expects himself “To have more determination than last year” and “Wrestle through my matches even though it hurts”.

    As you can see Blake’s wrestlers are definitely going to push themselves,  just as their coach expected, and are expecting alot from each other as teammates.