Review of The Nun


The Nun debuted on September 6th, terrifying theaters everywhere. This chilling horror story starts off with two nuns in Romania attempting to banish away an evil that’s been buried deep within the church. Things take a turn and a Vatican official is called in to investigate and evaluate the church grounds to determine if they are still holy. Along with this official came along a young upcoming nun who was deemed as helpful by the head church themselves . They meet a man named Frenchie along the way who has no faith in God but ends up being their saving grace.

The movie itself had some good jump scares that had me squirming in my seat and pondering future nightmares. Within the film were graphic images of suicide and blood being shown that induced chills. Along with the gore, satanic symbols were being shown that would have any good Christian shook to their core. Besides the creepy visuals that would terrify most of the crowd, the movie itself was quite cheesy. It had the basic horror movie plot with a popular concept of Catholicism gone bad. Although it had many good scare factors it still had its downsides. The poor CGI being one of them.

Despite the film’s flaws it did quite well in the theaters. The movie racked up a total of 300 million dollars worldwide and it only took 22 million to make. Sounds like a success to me. The Nun is exactly what the world needed to transition into the month of October, putting many of the gore freaks and ghost hunters in the Halloween spirit.