The Newest Rule at School

It’s common knowledge that some students have no choice but it get to school early, some even before 8:00. There’s a plethora of reasons: parents need to work, siblings have school, carpools pick up at early times, rush-hour traffic, buses are all over the place with drop-off and pick-up times. The list goes on and on.

A new rule instated by administration orders students to remain outside the school up until 8:00. 

When asked why students are locked out of school early in the morning, Mrs. Metcalf replied, “Just to maintain student safety, liability reasons, on campus we need to make sure we have enough supervision…to make sure everyone is safe once they enter our campus.”

Students who are affected by this new rule are outraged for more reasons than can be counted.

“My parents work so I have to be on the bus and the bus gets here really, really early,” says Tindra Aakerblom. “And now I’m going to have to wait for breakfast.” This brings up another point: there’s a set amount of students that eats breakfast at school on a daily basis. Pre-the new rule, these students got in the breakfast line at any point during a longer time span, but now that the school has shortened the amount of time students can have in the cafeteria, many students have found that the initial rush to the breakfast lines leaves them waiting much longer to get the fuel they need to start their day.

Many students don’t even have a choice but to get here early.

“I live about a half hour from school, but traffic is bad –it usually is in the morning– so it takes about 45 minutes to get to school,” says junior, Jackson Ring. “If I left any later, I’d get stuck in traffic, so that’s why I have to get to school early.”

Jackson Ring is not the only one who has to deal with the traffic problem, not by any stretch.

“I have to beat traffic and plus I have to drop my little sister off at school,” says senior, Sydney May. 

Moreover, many students are of the belief that by standing outside in a cramped and confined space, it’s a loss of what could potientially be productive time. May also stated, “I can no longer get to my spot and do my homework.”

It can be safely assumed that students who get here later than 8:00 are relatively unbothered by this new rule, as they are not affected by it, but of those that are, a considerably much smaller portion isn’t phased.

“Instead of waiting outside, (my friend) and I walk around,” Ring shares when asked his views on the new policy. “It gets my blood flowing in the morning. It’s actually a lot better than just sitting on a bench inside.”

When Mrs. Metcalf was asked to address the student body affected by this new rule, she said, “I absolutely understand that, and I am so, so glad they love Blake so much that they want to be here early, but their safety is very important to us. We need to make sure that everyone is safe when they enter, but until they enter, their guardians, or their parents, they’re the ones providing that supervision and that safety…. We are so excited that everyone wants to be here, just keep coming at 8:00.”