Get your Tickets

Homecoming is only one week away and it is time to get your tickets. All students are invited to the 2018 homecoming dance. This year’s homecoming will be taking place at the Embassy Suites at USF. This same building has been holding Blake’s homecoming for previous years. Students it is your time to shine. 

The location for the 2018 Blake High school homecoming

Where can you Buy your Tickets?

This year the SGA crew will be selling the homecoming tickets. Tickets will only be sold on selective days. It is a first come first serve type of deal. The tickets will be held during 4,5,6th period lunches. The SGA crew will be selling them in the glass box near the cafeteria. Make sure you don’t waste  your time and wait to buy your tickets. Only 900 students are able to attend the unforgettable night. If you haven’t gotten your ticket call your parents right now and tell them you need money for the homecoming night. On all of the days the tickets will be selling i promise you there will be a long line of exciting students. 

How Much are the Tickets This Year?

People are really hyped for this amazing night, that is only days away. People knows the information about the tickets but there is still a burning question out there. How much are the tickets? Last year tons of students complained about the cost of the tickets last night

How do students Feel about the Theme?

Students were really hyped about the new theme. Everyone at least tries to match with the theme and people are loving the fact of fire and ice. People are really tried there best to get a good suits and dressses for the theme and to show out in front of everyone. A freshmen name, Indya King said, “I think fire and ice is a beautiful theme. I think the homecoming dance will be even better just because of the theme and thinking of all the pretty dresses and good looking suits students will have on.” This theme really is taking things by storm.