The Fantastic C.Harvey


                 C.Harvey is one of the art teachers at Blake High School. She teaches students to take their surroundings and turn them into something beautiful and amazing. She has been teaching for ten years as both an art teacher and a dance teacher too. C.Harvey has worked with kids for a long time; she has also worked as a camp counselor and a camp director. She says her favorite thing about teaching is “the diversity and the acceptance of everybody’s differences, sometimes we don’t see it as much but compared to other schools, this place is really special.” She went on to say, “The talent that runs through the school is amazing and I feel honored as a teacher to be a part of that process with kids that are amazingly talented and driven and I like to say I knew them before they get all famous.”

                 Not only does C.Harvey teach, grade, and guide her students, but she also has her own company called Hassa Fassa Designs. She makes angry bear mugs and makes most of her money on commissions from her special requests. She gets all kinds of bizarre requests of things to make. Amazingly, she is able to maintain a successful business while teaching a large variety of skill levels. 

C.Harvey also said that she started working at Blake because it’s her “dream job.” An art student to graduating college and getting the opportunity to teach what they love all day is extremely unique. C.Harvey is a successful mother, teacher, and artist and she is loved by many students at Blake High School. Leading such a busy life must be pretty stressful, but she finds a way to balance it all out with her art. C.Harvey also stated that if any one is interested in taking her class but they don’t have time or just want to test it out, they can always come to her and she can help you figure it out. You can find her at the end of the hallway next to the gym. You can also find her on Facebook at