The 2018 Homecoming Crowns

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The long running tradition of the school electing a homecoming king and queen has continued once again this year. Congratulations to Britney Cannon and Nigel Browne for campaigning hard and securing the crowns! Pre-homecoming, when asked why he thought people should vote for him as homecoming king, Browne responded with, “I think people should vote me for homecoming court because I’m a cool, personable, and down to earth guy who would really enjoy the support of his classmates in earning the crown.”
Britney Cannon replied to the same question by saying, “I think they should vote for me because I listened to everyone’s needs and I put soap in the bathrooms! And I feel like I try to be nice to everybody, so I just want to be a familiar smile.”
Maybe it was the treats they passed out in the cafeteria, their campaigning teamwork, or simply the fact that they are both well-known and well-liked, but both Cannon and Browne managed to hear their names after “homecoming queen” or “homecoming king” and accepted the crowns.
“I feel like I put a lot of hard work into my campaign,” Britney shared, “and I tried to not only give out fun things like food but also things that were actually needs, like the soap.”
The soap in the bathrooms was definitely a creative idea, but it was ultimately up to the people of Blake High to use their vote; Cannon and Browne couldn’t have done it all on their own. Even more, they both have a message for the people who voted for them.
Browne said, “I want to say thank you for their support and that I appreciate everyone who made that happen for me.”
Cannon shared, “I’d like to say thank you so much for making my dream come true and crowning me queen! And enjoying all the little treats I gave out.”
One last congratulations to Nigel Browne and Britney Cannon, the 2018 Homecoming King and Queen of Blake High School!
Come springtime, the walls will once again be covered in campaign posters for prom, so it’s hardly over yet!
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