Ghost Stories of Blake Teachers

 In the deep suburbs of Philadelphia at an Old farm, the step-mother of one of Blake’s very own teachers had an interesting experience with a ghost. From a certain time, she began hearing sounds of potential ghosts going up and down the stairs and opening and closing doors. By the sound of these scary noises she knew she had a spirit lurking around in her hallways.

One night, she had her boyfriend staying at her house, and with him came a very sentimental ring that held great value to him and his family. The ring slipped from his finger and disappeared to nowhere specific. He and his girlfriend turned the entire house upside down in search of the very important piece of jewelry. When they came up with nothing, the home owner went to the room where she felt the ghost’s energy the most and called out to it. She explained the meaning the ring held to her boyfriend and asked the ghost to return if they were the one that took it. From the kitchen a loud bang could be heard by the couple. They walked to the source and found the ring that they had searched everywhere for. The spirit had taken the ring. Her paranormal experiences continued on later into her life but never one quite as significant as that one.

A second teacher came forward with a chilling horror story. In Santa Barbra California a young 6 year old version of one of Blake’s teachers swore his home was haunted. When the skies would cry, lightning would strike next to his window and bring great unease to him. The lightning even cracked the window once. The house temperature would get awfully low for a California home. Every night for a certain time period the child would walk to the bathroom and on the way, he saw a painting of a silhouette. The figure would escape from the frame and grab a hold of the young boy’s throat, choking him until he passed out and awoke with wet pants. This would reoccur for a few weeks.

One day a bright flash of light came and along with it was relief. The boy was welcomed by what he thinks was Virgin Mary. After this visit, the silhouette attacks stopped completely. “It completely terrified me as a child, but now I am completely fine with it and unaffected.” Says the teacher.

Paranormal activity is one of the most controversial things worldwide. Some don’t believe at all while others are unsure as to if they even had an experience at all. Some people may have thought they had experiences but would not come forward out of fear of judgement. Others may not come forward out of fear of the entity. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, this topic affects many, even people at Blake.