The U.S. currently has 200+ children separated from their immigrant parents. Of those 200+ children, 175 have parents that were removed from the U.S. Only 18 of those children have a plan in action to reunite them with their parents in their home country. However, 125 children in U.S. custody have parents that do not want their children to be sent back to their home country, mostly because they feel they may lead a better, more successful life in the U.S. The United states needs to look at what they are doing. They are tearing families apart and hurting more people then they are helping. Separating families once again, has caused children to have to watch as their childhood heroes, their role models and the people that brought them into this world, are dragged away in handcuffs screaming for their child. These people came to the U.S. looking for a new start and a better life and the chance for their kids to grow up and be successful just to get it stripped away because they don’t have a document that says they can be here.

One of the most well-known monuments in U.S. history is the statue of liberty. She holds a torch to enlighten the world while a broken chain lies across her feet as she walks forward. She has become a welcoming site for immigrants. The U.S. was founded by a bunch of people taking a risk and coming somewhere they did not have permission to be. They killed thousands of people and thousands of their own people where killed in return. They only things these people are taking is a chance for their child to grow up and have a good life while the U.S. holds kids in custody for months of their childhood and takes away their innocence and the comfort of home.

Instead of being accepted and helped into a country founded on immigration they are chained down and separated from their loved ones. In a specific case, ICE put a 4-year-old girl on a plane to Guatemala after having been in U.S. custody for six months. However, they couldn’t have done it in a worse way. They did not notify her father that she was even allowed to leave custody until 30 minutes before her plane landed, he lives 8 hours away. After months of being separated and alone she would be forced to spend another night alone, in a shelter. According to Lisa Frydman, “After what the U.S. has already done to these kids, it’s beyond outrageous and inhumane,” she later continued on to say “This is a government-inflicted mess. This is totally and completely avoidable.”

The United States’ government is lazy and unorganized with these children. They should have this situation completely under control and they have the means to do so, they just don’t. This couldn’t have happened if the government did their job. When the States were founded, they claimed freedom and liberty for all… where is that freedom now? What makes the country they’re from cause liberty to be stripped away from them? This is completely outrageous and just flat out inhumane, and many people agree. For a country founded on “freedom” the United States does not understand the term.