Lights, Camera, Action!

Blake TV and Film gets a new teacher!

In the wake of Blake Tv and Film teacher Sean Phillips’ recent departure, another Mr. P has seized the position.

Joe Papadopoulos, a former ABC broadcast technician, has been hired by the school, and is eager to start his new job.
With over twenty five years of industry experience, Joe is sure to help the students grow in both technical and professional aspects, as he adjusts to the teacher’s routine; this is the first educational job in a long and prosperous career of television.

Although saddened by the loss of their former teacher, the enthusiasm among students still peaks. Ally Harwood, a senior in the program, couldn’t be more excited. “It’s exciting to see what he’ll bring to the table,” she says. “He can help us with lighting and audio, and other things we struggle with.”

With Joe making his teaching debut at Blake, it looks like the film program will only continue to excel.