Upcoming Fall Reading

Tickets will be selling for $5

     The creative writing department is getting busy writing their artistic fall poems. They are to show case their poems at this approaching Fall Reading to a very lucky audience. The Fall Reading is going to be held on November 15th 2018 6:30-8:00 in the theater.

     The Fall reading was put together by talented, Senior, creative writing majors who have high hopes of success for this event. The majors have spent days after school rehearsing for this special day so it will be perfect for their viewers. I  asked, “what is the most exciting part of the fall reading?” Major Wanda Higham, answered  that “When you know something that you’ve worked hard on is being showcased” she also stated that “The most exciting part is getting it over with”.   
   These poems seem to be vary from real world topics to imaginative pieces that sound very intriguing. Come and support these unique and talented writers at Blake, and you may be surprised at what greatness you’ll be introduced to.