The Struggles of November. . .Thankful for December

Everyone with social media understands widespread growth of November memes. The horror of TikTok, the intuitive passion to get this bread, and the struggle of surviving the month because of “The Time of Resisting Temptation” set in place by the Instagram community. For the past two years, a challenge was created, limiting “specific” teenage activity for the month. The victors, or survivors are crowned “soldiers”, and the ones who lose are shamed by their peers. The event revolves around the determination of teenagers trying to make it through the month, despite the temptation of outside influences around them. So here is it: The Struggles of November

As a fellow participant of the holiday, I felt it only necessary to get a general consensus of the progress, feelings, and thoughts of others. After all, the struggle is real, and so is the challenge. The month of November has the ability to make and break friendships, depending on how long the people last, seeing how stressful accepting the challenge can be. Billy Cox, a traditional student, accepted the challenge. However, he didn’t seem to be doing okay. “Bro, this sucks. Seven days in and I had to shut off my Wi-Fi. Having internet doesn’t help.” Evan Gatscher, had even less success,” So, day one was my last day. Clearwater Beach is a wonderful place, just not for November.”

The widespread challenge seems to affect people in different ways. While some are losing their minds, and probably the challenge soon enough, others explain how much free time they now have since they accepted the challenge. Jeremy Alvarez says it best when stopped in the hallway. “So, yeah, November sucks. But I got a lot of stuff done with my free time. Like bro, when was the last time you read a book? Imma start reading more often.”

All in all, the struggles of November are real. While this is the second year of this challenge being on social media, the craze seems to be going nowhere- no time soon. November, while it is primarily for giving thanks, is now also a time of strength and determination. November is now a time for those easily influenced to give their morals a check, and to have fun going through the struggles of November with fellow peers. Every year, despite the joy that may come throughout the months, witness the Struggles of November. Now is the time to exhale a well deserved sigh of relief as December finally moves in.