One Man VS One Nation: PewDiePie conquers YouTube

One Man VS One Nation: PewDiePie conquers YouTube

8.3 million dislikes. 76 million subscribers. 62 million views. Thus far, these statistics are the aftermath of probably the most important war of internet history, next to the Article 11 and 13 EU movement (The act to ban memes). As of 2018, a great war was sparked, a war in which the underdog must prevail. A war that places one man against one nation. A war best describes as PewDiePie V. T-Series.

PewDiePie, a self-made success since 2011, has captivated the hearts of literal millions by playing games and BroFisting fans with his dog Edgar by his side. T-Series, however, is an Indian based movie company, which gets its fans by being the only source of mainstream online entertainment available after the recent wide

spread of internet connectivity. India is one of the largest countries in the world, so with the people of India subscribing to T-Series, they quickly began to go for PewDiePie’s throne as the top YouTuber with 76 million subscribers. While this may seem like a petty popularity contest, the problem is much bigger than both opponents, or even India itself.

 YouTube has an annual ritual in which they give a tribute to what’s happened throughout the year called YouTube Rewind.  This was once a well-enjoyed part of the year, for the only reason that the video included all of our favorite gamers, animators, vloggers, ect. As the years went by, YouTube began to demonetize different channels for various reasons. The once loved faces such as PewDiePie, began to dissipate along with other highly subscribed channels, and were being replaced with corporate companies, or affiliates of these companies. This, consequently, began to take the freedom from the creators, and the joy from the fans. The 2018 edition of the YouTube rewind has stirred up much controversy on the internet for many reasons, but mainly for leaving out PewDiePie, making this YT Rewind the most disliked video ever with 8.3 dislikes with numbers still rising.

With T-Series hot on his tail, PewDiePie makes a revolutionary move by making a diss track entitled “B***h Lasagna”, which has roughly accumulated 62 million views. Of course, the fans immediately began spreading the news and preaching the importance of subscribing to PewDiePie, not for his net worth, but to make a statement. While T-Series isn’t that far behind, people everywhere are giving support to the cause from simply telling a friend to buying a million dollar billboard in Times Square, New York. So, will YouTube turn into an advertisement platform for T-Series, along with other major companies? Or will the power of entertainment go back to the rightful gamers, vloggers, animators, ect. Will one man be able to overcome an entire nation? As YouTube progresses, and the internet community continues to fight the good fight, only time will tell.