Bird Box Review


 The movie Bird Box became a huge hit on the television network, Netflix. The movie really had viewers glued into their screens. It was so good that people had to watch it again to see if they missed anything. This film is a two hour drama/thriller, that came out on December 21st 2018. This film got so much publicity that people started making memes of the movie and were also doing challenges. Viewers were saying that this movie should have been in the theaters instead of Netflix, because that’s how amazing the production was. Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, and Tom played by Trevante Rhodes, were the main characters of this masterpiece. They entertained the world as lovers and survivors of the tragic event that was happening in the community. As you watch the movie you can see the kind of bond both stars had in this film. The connection was so real. The characters in this movie go through unbreakable challenges just trying to live a normal life. The only way to survive this chaos is by facing their fears and not looking into the light. Once you look into the light, you have this entity that takes the form of your worst fears and suddenly makes you want to commit suicide. Watching this makes you wonder what would happen if all of a sudden Tampa started having this crazy event and we had to be blind folded until we find help. After this sensation dropped on Netflix, it started blowing up around the internet. People are already requesting a spin off or a second movie. So I recommend this Netflix original. If you haven’t go ahead and watch it.