Never Too Early

Three of the Jazz band members

Four Blake High school students represent the essence of talented success as the jazz band BDR.

BDR was created by students who are have a strong passion for music. The group got together through what seems like fate: a graded requirement during freshman year. Although they got together in what appeared to be a spur of the moment decision, it ended up lasting the test of time. They are still together and perform both in and outside of school. 

When asked about the message they want to send to other young teens, they said there is a lesson in that they are diverse. Their main vocalist, Kholeb, stated that there is magic when  “you have people coming from all different types of backgrounds and styles of music working together. ” They are motivated because they want to show others that “kids can do this too.”  

 You can stream their music here at Blake or whenever they play live at events. This group is a great showcase to prove that it does not matter how young you are, you can still pursue your dreams.