Two Sides To Valentine’s Day

Two Sides To Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Sucks     

                     By: Madisyn Slater

Valentines Day, the holiday where most neck-sucking hooligans spend all their money on someone they’ll be breaking up with before graduation. What is this phenomenon and why are high-schoolers so obsessed with it?

The simple-minded followers of this holiday like to pretend that the origin wasn’t creepy and was just filled with teddy bears and cheap chocolates. Well, boy, do I have news for you morons. The Pagan holiday originates from the strange Roman traditions of dead men with the name Valentine and weird animal slaughtering fertility rituals. It’s pretty funny actually, as a normal person this would turn me off but I guess love-struck fools have a fancy for pig slaughtering. I mean whatever you’re into, man.

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Now, what is it about mediocre candy and a giant teddy bear from Walmart that makes Valentine’s Day so appealing? Why do you need to buy your significant other crappy gifts just to say ‘I love you’?  Normal people just say it to their face and not via a chalk candy heart.

The moral of this deranged story is that Valentine’s Day is targeted at sad teenagers who can’t express their feelings so they do it with heart-shaped boxes instead. Write a poem, song, or literally anything besides a chalk candy heart. Don’t let Hallmark trick you into buying their generic “I love you” cards when you can just tell your romantic partner how you feel in person. 


              Valentine’s Day Is Worth It                     

                                                                    By: Cameron King

February is known for all the love in the air. Valentine’s Day is a national holiday created for the purpose of cherishing your love with your significant other. People may say Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday, that it’s just something a person made up, maybe even just for commercial profit, but I’m here to tell you, they’re wrong. 

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You may say we spend a lot of our money on one person, but it’s to show how much you care about them. Many single people disregard the significance of love and the true power of the heart. Valentine’s Day is meant for the devoted couples in the world, not to rub love in the face of the people who have yet to have those relationships of their own. It’s a day that belongs to the happy couples of the world. While many singles complain about how couples are disgusting and inappropriate, they also talk about how they wish they had a soulmate. Just face it, nothing is wrong with a little love. Sometimes, people expect so much out of relationships but are not willing to deal with all that comes with it. On the opposite side of that, Valentine’s is for those who strive to show the definition of loyalty and passionate affection. It’s just a day to celebrate the love two people in a relationship share for each other, and while it might be hard for some single people to understand, the reality is that Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and really, who could hate that?