A Creative Synapse Firing up the Black Box

H.W. Blake's Annual Creative Writing publication: Synapse

H.W. Blake's Annual Creative Writing publication: Synapse

Mrs. Curry, the director of Blake High’s Creative Writing program has helped guide her Juniors to publishing their magnum opus of the year: Synapse XXII. 

A synapse is a cleft of space between two neurons, and when a synapse ‘fires’ it sends an electro-chemical flash of information that has been estimated to clock at almost 270 miles per hour. Does this sound a bit like Biology to you?  It is no mistake, since the poems found within each edition are pure cerebral bliss. The theme of this edition is most aptly termed, “The Human Condition”. 

Written by talented, award winning and published authors within the Creative Writing program at Blake, this edition of the Synapse is not one that you want to miss out on.  The staff kept the book both simple and elegant at the same time, marrying function and fantastic artistry of words together in a way that promises to keep readers engaged from cover to cover. . .and then for some time afterwards.   

 The poetry will be read live in the Black Box at Blake on March 13th and 14th for only five dollars.  The Synapse itself is also reasonably priced at only 10 dollars.  There will be copies available at the reading, but can also be purchased on Amazon by following this link: