A movie review


DC’s Shazam was released on April 5th, 2019. The film is focused on a wizard named Shazam who is very old and is on the verge of dying. Before he dies his goal is to find a new holder of his powers, a pure-hearted kid who doesn’t give in to the temptations of the seven deadly sins. After thousands of attempts to find the new holder, the spirits lead fourteen-year-old boy, Billy Batson, a foster kid who is known for running away from his problems, to a dark, cold cave. Shazam is desperate for someone to take his place and insists that Billy Batson hold down the fort. Billy takes this as a joke and only agrees to get the old man to stop talking. After Billy agrees, the old wizard turns to dust and Billy is no longer 14. 

Now that Billy Batson is the new Shazam, he has no clue what to do. With no knowledge of what his powers are and who he can trust,he sneaks back to his foster house and gets Freddy’s attention. Freddy is a superhero fanatic with a disability and lives in the same group home as Billy. Freddy thinks the fact that Billy is a superhero is the coolest thing and sort of takes on the role of his superhero manager. 

I loved Shazam. It was really funny but also had a serious side as well. Shazam is a perfect coming of age film. The film brings light on the foster care system and also shows the struggles of being in the foster care system through Billy’s character. There were some sexual humor jokes and a scene where someone’s head is being eaten off and thrown out of a window, but there is no blood shown. I wouldn’t recommend kids ten or younger watching this film because some parts are not suitable for younger viewers, but overall the movie is pretty tame. I rate the film eight out of ten.


Here are some thoughts from other Blake students about the film.

 “I rate the movie an eight out of ten, but plot wise a three out of ten. The plot was cartoonish and Shazam was basically a funny superman which i didn’t appreciate.” – Rishard Dukes


” I rate Shazam a six out of ten due to the lack of action. I was entertained but also disappointed about the movie. The movie was great but I really wanted to see an actual action movie and the real build up on Shazam. ” – Cameron King