‘IT Chapter II’

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            On September, 6th , 2019, one of the most anticipated movies of the year was released. Reactions to the movie were very mixed.

             ”It Chapter II” was not what some people might have expected for a horror film. Similarly to the first chapter of ”IT”, the directors of the movie managed to incorporate a comedic aspect in this iteration. The energy in the theater was lively. According to the laughter of the audience, they seemed to be loving both the dark humor and light humor that was scattered  throughout the movie. Comparisons can be made, between ”It Chapter II” and the classic ”Scary Movie” series. They share the same type of dark humor that makes the film justifiably rated ”R”. 

              Although jokes and humor are an enjoyable part of a movie, critics may say that it ruined the movie. If you are expecting a horrifying movie, then ”It Chapter II” might not be the movie for you.  All the humor masked the scary parts of the film by jokes.  The thrilling jump scares were ruined by a funny line coming from one of the characters. The directors should have considered the saying ”too much of anything is bad” even if it makes you smile.  Another issue with the film is that the trailer was misleading. The preview gave viewers a dark- eerie vibe, but when they got in the theater it was a different story. 

               In summation, ”It Chapter II” is a good movie for you if you do not mind hilarity in a scary movie. However if you think that a scary movie should leave your heart racing for a bit, you may want to consider watching another film.



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