The Joker Movie

The movie “Joker” was released on October 4th, 2019, directed by Todd Philips and produced by Emma Tillinger and Bradly Cooper. The movie is a drama/thriller and it’s about the welcoming life of the DC comic supervillain name, the Joker.  Most people have only seen the joker in the DC Batman movies but this supervillain is more than just a person that hates seeing Batman winning and kill other bad guys. This movie is all about the upbringing and birth of the Joker. 

Joaquin Phoenix in one of the scenes of the movie “Joker”

The star who played the Joker, aka Arthur Fleck, in the DC movie was Joaquin Phoenix. He has also been in films like Gladiator (2000), Her (2013), The Master (2012), and many more. Recently he filmed for The Joker and many people are saying he really played his part in the movie.  For Joaquin to play this role, it was not easy for him. This was probably his hardest movie to ever prepare for. 

Living his life in isolation, Arthur Fleck struggles to find his value in a big city. Being bullied and judged all his life triggers a motive in him to make gruesome decisions. This leads to the transformation from Arthur Fleck to Joker. Great skill and patience were required in this production. After months of hard work, this film became an award-winning sensation. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Joker earned $96 million in under a week. It also won a Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.

Blake High school senior Saigan Boyd explains her thoughts on the movie: “I thought the Joker was a very eye opening movie to watch. It opened my eyes to mental illness and how it affects people every day.”