Nikita Dragun Under Fire

          On Sept. 23, YouTube makeup guru and Instagram influencer, Nikita Dragun, released her second makeup project called ”Dragon Beauty 2”. After the palette was released, she received a ton of backlash and criticism from her supporters who compared the makeup to Claire’s. Despite this reaction from her critics, Nikita opened up her ‘Pop-Up’ store in Los Angles, California on Oct. 5. 

        On the grand opening, people were surprised by the number of supporters who actually showed up. Followers online commented that the crowd wasn’t nearly as big as Jeffree Star or James Charles, other YouTube channels, when they had their grand opening. Others mentioned that the store was unnecessary considering the fact that  she only has three products.

     Although the makeup launch and store did receive a handful of criticism, fans were pleased with the presentation video for the makeup and complimented the cover of the palette. Nikita describes the palette as the ”palette of my dreams” and also mentioned how thankful she is to her fans.