Dora and The Lost City of Gold

Dora (Isabela Moner)  grew up living in the jungle and loves exploring with her family but when Dora’s parents get a lead on an epic exploration they decide that it is too dangerous for Dora and they send her to live with her cousin Diego (Jeffrey Wahlberg) in the big city. Living in the Jungle her whole life, she has no clue what the city life has instore. When Dora’s parents haven’t contacted her in a week, she decides something is wrong and that her parents need help. Dora and her group of unlikely friends go on an adventure through the jungle to find her missing parents.

I’m a little late on my movie watching, but I recently watched Dora and The Lost City of Gold and let me tell you it was kind of cringey. The movie seemed like a high-quality Dora parody in some ways. Most of the movie was making fun of the Dora the Explorer TV Series and was centered around high school stereotypes; The typical mean girl, the nerd, and the ignorant kid.

My younger sisters loved the movie and thought it was funny, but as someone who grew up watching Dora the Explorer, I thought the film was immature, but there were some funny parts in the film that were caused by Dora’s ignorance of city life.

With an 84% Rotten Tomatoes, the film isn’t that bad. Other then the cringey jokes and the overused high school stereotypes I rate the movie a 7 out of 10. It’s a great family movie overall and has laughs for the whole family even if it was a little juvenile.