Rated R Man

Why Adam Driver Drives me insane.

Rated R Man

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   Adam Driver is an American Actor who has won over 40 awards and was nominated for 87. He earned many of the awards for his acting in “The Marriage Story”, a Netflix Original. He is also known for playing Kylo-Ren in the “Star Wars” trilogy, which he has also won awards for.

    Driver is a rated R man, with an exception of Star Wars and a couple minor role films, every movie he has acted in is rated R. Having so much talent, it drives me insane that that’s all he acts in. The films he participates in all have great story lines and could easily be rated PG-13 with editing. The sad thing is that a lot of teens look up to him. I’m a fan of Adam Driver, but unfortunately cannot support his films. The only thing I’ve seen him act in is Star Wars because every other film contains content considered too mature for a younger audience.

    With a background in the Marine Corps, it doesn’t surprise me that all he acts in is rated R. He had to have seen a lot of messed up stuff with everything that he went through serving our country, making it easier to tolerate what is included in a rated R film. In many interviews, he says acting is much like the military and considers each acting job he takes as a mission.

    Not too long ago, I was scrolling through Amazon Prime and a preview for a movie started playing. At first I ignored it, but I heard Adam Driver’s voice and it caught my attention, so I restarted the trailer and watched it. “The Report”, an Amazon Original, starring Adam Driver and Jon Hamm, looked so good. The acting seemed great and the plot was very interesting. The trailer had me hooked so I clicked on the “More Info” tab…..and that’s what ruined me. It turns out the film was rated R. I got my hopes up just to have them thrown down. But what was I to expect? I should have known that the film was going to be rated R. I mean he is a rated R man.