Lil Wayne: Funeral

         On January 31st, Lil Wayne released his new album Funeral. Evidently fans can’t get enough of the album considering that it was number one on the Billboards 200 chart.    

         The selections in the album are an auditory representation of Lil Wayne’s skill of being a versatile artist. Each song on the album is very distinct from the other and explores genres a lot of rappers avoid. ‘Trust Nobody”,  in particular, starts off with a country-pop melody sung by Adam Levine but then converts into a trap beat when Lil Wayne comes on. There are few rappers that would even think of considering making a song with a pop artist like Levine, but Lil Wayne proves himself as a courageous money-maker. 

        This album was well thought out even down to the cover art. It was discovered that, if you flip the word funeral upside down on the cover it says ”Lil Wayne”. The cover art trick was certainly a smart marketing tool to grab the fan’s attention. 



          Students should listen to ”Funeral” because it is notably a skillful collection and Lil Wayne deserves recognition for his hard work