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Indya King is a 10th grader at Blake High School. Although she's been in journalism for over 3 years now, she is constantly learning new techniques and ways to draw students into reading her amazing stories. She initially decided to participate in the journalism program because she was interested in how to create compelling and life-changing stories. She didn't realize how much work was put into writing the perfect caption, taking the perfect photo, and making the perfect yearbook. When she is not working as a journalist, she is always dancing and singing. She's adored the performing arts since she was a little girl. She is currently a hip hop and tumbling instructor for 5-7 year old children at a christian dance studio called Studio 28. She is always hanging out with family and friends and is constantly laughing. Being apart of this program has changed her life, especially in her writings and photography.

Indya King, Editorial and Opinion Editor

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Indya King